About & F.A.Q.


Jason Takes Ωmegle is a weekly, Friday* showcase of reactions on Ωmegle.


Synopsis: Jason may be floating at the bottom of Crystal Lake, but his soul haunts teens on the internet, in a bid to rise again!

New video every Friday*

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*Regular Ωmegle videos every Friday, unless there’s a hiccup. Irregular videos may be posted randomly during the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don’t you use IP tracking software on Omegle, to tell people where they live?
A: Because that would require Jason to talk, or type, which he doesn’t do. It also requires copying and pasting people’s IPs from one program to another and it looks clumsy, unless you hide behind a recording.

Q: Are you real?
A: Yes. I am not a recording, or a 3D model with someone directing it.

Q: Why don’t you just record yourself  and then play clips of that on Omegle?
A: I like the authenticity. If I just used clips, I can’t tailor my responses to people’s reactions. There’s common gestures that I do, but the order in which I do them is dependant on the strangers I run into and using clips would look choppy, going between those gestures.

Q: Makeup or Mask?
A: Mask.

Q: Did you make all of that, or buy it?
A: I bought everything, but I tore up the clothes, myself and have been re-painting all of the latex pieces, as necessary, whether I didn’t like the paint job, or the paint starts to wear off.

Q: Is the machete real?
A: Yes. That’s also why I don’t cover it in blood (fake, or otherwise) it rusts the blade and cleaning it means there’s a little less machete each time.

Q: Are you going to use real people in any future Omegle videos?
A: Yes. I have been searching since May 2015 for the right talent, to be able to pull of a convincing act, to get the right reactions on Omegle.

Q: Are you going to do public pranks?
A: Yes. Though, the current climate for public pranks is quite hostile, I plan to perform pranks in a controlled environment

Q: Are we going to see any more of Freddy, or maybe another horror character with you on Omegle?
A: Yes. The only problem is that our schedules almost never match up, unless there’s a convention involved.

Q: Why don’t you do shout-outs to other channels?
A: Unless the channel could be in some way related to Omegle Scare Videos, Jason Voorhees, or horror movies, it would not fit with the tone of Jason Takes Omegle, and even then, I might not want to associate with some of these channels, based on their tone, or practices.

Q: Why don’t you do a face reveal?
A: Because I’m still a relatively small channel and the channel is about Jason and not myself. A face reveal would take away from that, if I do it too soon.