The Problem With The Friday The 13th: The Game iPetition

A petition was made a few months ago regarding Friday the 13th: The Game in response to future DLC being cancelled, due to the lawsuit between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham / Horror Inc.

The goal of the petition, started by JV211 / Jason Palmer is to collect 15,000 signatures, names and addresses of people that backed the game, in a bid to persue a class action lawsuit against Sean Cunningham / Horror Inc., and possibly Gun Media, to continue making DLC for the game. Before, or after the lawsuit is resolved seems inconsequential to Palmer.

The DLC in question is Uber Jason and the Grendel map, possibly some kill packa, as “promised” by Gun Media. No word of intent to have them finish work on the S. S. Lazerus Experience, or the Paranoia game mode.

The problem with the intent of the petition, is that it hangs on a lot of misinformation. According to Jason Palmer, the Kickstarter reached the Jason X before it ended on Backerkit. Rather, the Backerkit was closed just after Single Player Offline Bots and Challenges was funded, but before Tommy Jarvis was funded, to which Gun Media sourced extra funds outside of Backerkit to make it happen.

Once the Backerkit ended, at no point was Gun Media beholden to Kickstarter, or it’s Backers to guarantee content beyond the point that was reached, whether it was in their stretch goals, or not, whether they made more in post-Backerkit pre-sales, or not. This was even stated as much by Gun Media at the time.

Regardless of how much Gun Media has made over the course after the release of the game, despite how much went back into creating more content for it, to try and tick off a lot of their own stretch goals; the scope and order of their goals had changed post-launch there are the much overlooked still server costs and extra staff hired to cope with the extra demand for content and bug fixes.

That brings us to the final problem with the petition: To finish off the months of work to finish the Grendel map’s collision and escape methods and hero and Uber Jason’s hit box, rig, interaction with Counselors, the environment and other aspects people don’t take into account, you would not only need to hire the same manpower that was used post-launch, have them get familiar with the current build, it’s code and attend meetings regarding the scope of the project. This would take months. Almost as many as it would be projected to complete the task.

Unless the extra Devs were kept on for much more DLC, such as finishing the Lazerus Experience, Paranoia and much more, the extra Devs would be hired for such a brief period, before being let go again, for the sake of the demands of a relative small few that only want two pieces of bundled content. I would almost prefer those Devs look for a brighter future with EA, or Ubisoft, than be at the mercy of a project headed by rabid “fans”.

Progression Checklist

Jason Takes Ωmegle – Master Checklist

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Jason Takes Ωmegle

  • Make +1300 subscriber / Part 13 special video Jason Takes Supanova – DONE
  • Do a “Best Of” SERIES 1 video – DONE
  • Do a Channel Trailer – DONE 
  • Do photoshoot for social media and layout graphics – DONE
  • Update Intro for SERIES 2/3 – DONE
  • Update Outro for SERIES 2/3 – DONE
  • Omegle Layout for SERIES 2/3 – DONE
  • Record for SERIES 2 – DONE
  • Trim reactions for SERIES 2 – DONE
  • Do a SERIES 2 Trailer – DONE
  • Complete SERIES 2 Videos – DONE
  • Do a “Best Of” SERIES 2 video – DONE
  • Record for SERIES 3 – DONE
  • Trim reactions for SERIES 3 – DONE
  • Do a SERIES 3 Trailer – DONE
  • Complete SERIES 3 Videos – DONE
  • Do a “Best Of” SERIES 3 video – DONE
  • Release YouNow Lost Footage/Part 5 –  DONE
  • Update  Photoshoot for SERIES 4 – DONE
  • Update Intro for SERIES 4 – DONE
  • Update Outro for SERIES 4 – DONE
  • Update Omegle Layout for SERIES 4 – DONE
  • Record for SERIES 4 – DONE
  • Trim reactions for SERIES 4 – DONE
  • Do a SERIES 4 Trailer – DONE
  • Complete SERIES 4 Videos – DONE
  • Do a “Best Of” SERIES 4 video – DONE
  • Re-release updated SERIES 1 Part 1 to 13 – DONE

Jason Takes Omegle – Expanded Universe

  • Find the right Omegle Victim/s – CASTING CALL
  • Do a video/series with Freddy Krueger – DONE / FREDDY RETURNS?
  • Do a video/series with Michael Myers – DONE / MICHAEL RETURNS?
  • Do a video/series with Kayako Saeki – NEGOTIATIONS BROKEN DOWN
  • Do a video/series “Surprise Jason Party Pooper” – (?)
  • Do video/series at Camp Sites/IRL Pranks – ()

Stand-Alone videos

  • Do a video for “Cosplay Against Bullying” – (?)
  • Horror Movie Tag – DONE
  • Top 13 Friday the 13 Kills – DONE
  • Jason Reacts to Higgins Haven – DONE
  • Crystal Lake ASMR – (?)

Serial Videos

  • Do a video/series “Jason Takes Birthday Parties” – (?)
  • Do a video/series “A Tapestry of Omegle Edgelords” – (?)
  • Do a video/series “Jason Derps on Omegle” – (?)
  • Do a video/series “Jason Non-Reacts To…” – (?)
  • Do a video/series “Jason Reacts to…” Gun Media/Friday the 13th (2017) – (?)
  • Do a video/series “What Would Jason Do?/WWJD?” – (?)
  • Top 10 Horror/Friday13thMovies/Kills – (?)
  • Do a video/series “Jason Takes YouNow” – DONE (banned unbanned – return?)
  • Do a video/series “Jason Takes the Streets” – (needs Funding for First-Aid, PR, Jason Victims, Camera Men. Other Goals to Meet: Create Omegle series with victims, other isolated IRL pranks)

Short Film Productions

  • Produce short-film “Jason Takes Omegle” – (?)
  • Friday the 13th: The Game – Live-Action


  • Nightmare / Atmosfear – Interactive Board Game Video/s – (?)
  • Crystal Lake Survivor – Interactive Youtube Challenge/s – (?)
  • Omegle Survivor – Interactive Youtube Challenge – (?)